The Hamptons Style

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In the early seventeenth century The Hamptons was largely rural areas until formed when the Long Island Railway finally reached Montauk.  After cottages with architectural style were built this put The Hamptons on the map as a suitable location for luxury country residence.  The Wealthy sent their families to the seaside mansions for the summer.  After World War ll, The homes became larger and more lavish, with immaculate designer kitchens, paneled marble floor entrance foyers, interior details and wood milling.

The Hampton Style is a look determined by many different styles and lifestyle, white walls throughout the home teamed with dark furniture or soft colours, one off leather accent chairs and linen lounges and one off print chairs plain curtains that fall soft to the floor, ottomans instead of coffee tables, staircases with white fronts, dark treads, white railings with dark hand rail, some can be finished off with carpet runs of blues and steel rods across the treads. Bookcases built either side of doorways. The wall trims can be dark stain as the same with the doors and soft white walls, wainscoting moldings are a big detail, wallpapering a lot of ice colours are very popular as well. The architecture of these homes inside and out has a big part in how the interior comes together. I feel these homes have soul and there is so much attention to detail. Conservatories with cane furniture and tiled floors some with moldings on the walls, glass hurricane lighting hang through the homes and wall scones, fireplaces of stone there are so many interior styles that complement these magnificent homes.

The photos to the left were taken by Catherine in East Hampton while on a work trip to America.